Friday, November 30, 2007

Evel Knievel: How To Avoid The Avalanche Of Fake Autographs

The original daredevil Evel Knievel has died at age 69 according to his grand-daughter Kyrsten Knievel. Evel rarely did memorabilia signings so there were very few authentic autographs on the market, however now you will see a surge of Evel Knievel memorabilia hit the Internet -- especially eBay -- and most of it will be fake.

Evel Knievel did a number of signings with Authentic Signings Inc. A few months ago we were a part of one of his last signings with Authentic Signings Inc. who in part represented Evel for autographs. Evel is one of the most collectible names in sports history as there will never be another quite like him.

Be careful when you are looking for Evel Knievel memorabilia, there will be a rush of buyers on the market for the next week and they will buy up most of what is available (most dealers will hold on to their items). Just look for items from reputable companies with proof of the signing because the forgers will be in full swing this week peddling fake autographs and other Evel Knievel memorabilia.

However, if you find authentic Evel Knievel memorabilia, buy it, with every month that passes it will be harder and harder to get authentic Evel signatures.

Here is what to look for:

1. Make sure you are buying from a reputable company who has a history of selling authentic memorabilia. Remember, anyone can print pictures of Evel signing and put it with a piece and tell you its authentic.

2. Items from reputable, known companies, are worth more money. If you can find something authenticated by Upper Deck, Steiner Sports, Mounted Memories, ALLAuthentic, or other strong memorabilia companies, the item will be worth more later.

3. ANYONE can fake holograms, COAs, pictures, etc. so don't think that proves authenticity. They are all great to have, but if they are fake and come from unknown companies, they don't hold much weight.

4. Does the seller have an unlimited supply of Evel Knievel memorabilia? Most dealers will not want to dump their Evel memorabilia right now so watch out for sellers who are willing to let things go for low prices -- you might think you got a deal but you didn't. Fake autograph dealers will list a constant stream of items on eBay on no reserve auctions because they don't care if they run out -- actually they WON'T run out!

To be safe, buy from a well-known memorabilia company who has a history of selling authentic memorabilia and a history with doing signings with athletes and celebrities. If you ever resell your item someday, an intelligent buyer will first want to know what company the item came from, then they will want to see the authentication, the stronger the company and authenticity, the more you will get for your item.

Here is a list of known authentic Evel Knievel pictures and other memorabilia:

Evel Knievel Memorabilia

Friday, July 20, 2007

Chicago Cubs Team Signed Helmet

This helmet is described as being signed by 25 of the 2007 Chicago Cubs -- it comes with a COA from XMI Authentics, has anyone ever heard of that company?

This is the auction:

Friday, June 01, 2007

Roger Clemens Signed Yankees Baseball?

The seller of this baseball states that it was signed in person by Roger Clemens. We are not very familiar with Roger's autograph so if anyone has any info please feel free to comment.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Alex Rodriguez Signed Base AROD Authenticated

This question was submitted by one of our readers who has an Alex Rodriguez signed 2004 Houston All-Star game base. The COA is from AROD Authenticated with a matching sticker on the back of the base. Our reader noticed that the hologram sticker on the back of the base seemed to be placed on another hologram.

To us, this item looks pretty legitimate, comes with a COA from AROD Authenticated and all matching holograms. I know there were some earlier posts regarding AROD Authenticated and how they actually parted ways with AROD some time ago.

Does anyone have any opinions on this?

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Albert Pujols, Edmonds, Mulder, Rolen Signed Baseball with Upper Deck and MLB Authentication

This signed baseball is being offered in an eBay auction and the auction guarantees that the item will pass authentication with Jimmy Spence authentication or PSA. The baseball has both the Upper Deck and the MLB hologram. We have received e-mails from our readers saying that some sellers are switching holograms.

Although we are definitely not experts on Pujols autographs, the seller is guaranteeing that this item will pass authentication and holograms are usually difficult to remove and then put on another item. On the surface I would think that with both holograms on the baseball, you'd be pretty safe on this one, but I could be wrong.

Although feedback does not guarantee authenticity, you have to admit that the seller has over 5000 positive feedbacks with absolutely no negatives, which is pretty impressive.

I know that some people from the Pujols Foundation read our blog so maybe they could voice their opinion about these autographs...

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Florida Gators Team Signed Helmet?

Here is another 2006 Florida Gators National Champions signed helmet. We mentioned in the last post that team signed items are very hard to get. This one contains over 45 signatures. We are not familiar with any of the players on his helmet so of course we can't comment on the authenticity of the autographs.

So let's hear from our user base which seems to be growing daily, is it feasible to get 45 signatures from a championship team on one helmet -- knowing that you would probably have to get all of these autographs via "runners"?

Saturday, March 31, 2007

2006-2007 Team Signed Red Sox Ball

FACT: Players do sign things at Spring Training, but we have mentioned before that team signed items are extremely hard to get. Has anyone been to Spring Training games this year? Is it harder now than it used to be to get autographs? Here is the description for this ball:

This ball was signed this year during spring training and last year when the Red Sox came to town. This ball is signed by over 20+ Boston Red Sox. The Red Sox that signed the ball include: Manager Terry Francona, Daisuke Matsuzaka (Rare), Curt Schilling, David Ortiz, Jonathan Papelbon, Matt Clement, Josh Beckett, Brendan Donnelly, Joel Piniero, Julian Tavarez, Mike Timlin, Tim Wakefield, Jason Varitek, Alex Cora, Mike Lowell, Julio Lugo, Kevin Youkilis, Coco Crisp, Willy Mo Pena, David Ortiz, Manny Ramirez, and more.

Those are a lot of good autographs on one ball...

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Derek Jeter Signed Mr. November Baseball?

We always get e-mails from our loyal readers that have pictures of autographed items that they have questions about. Although we can't post all of them due to time constraints, we try to put up as many as we can. This gives everyone a chance to submit their comments and opinions about these items. It seems that Derek Jeter is a frequent topic of this blog probably because he is one of the most sought after autographs in the industry.

Here is a picture of a Derek Jeter baseball with the Mr. November inscription...

Monday, March 26, 2007

New eBay Fraud Method

We have never seen this one before -- we always see the eBay spoof e-mails that come through with links that go to phony websites in an effort to get you to put your password in -- however this person is contacting our bidders through eBay's system and trying to get them to send money for their current bid.

Take a look at what the e-mail looks like:

It looks pretty legitimate when you get it and that is what makes it so convincing. Beware of this scam we have already contacted eBay and they are working on this now.

This is what the text of the email says:

I'm the seller of the item that you've recently bided through the eBay system.Item name: WILLIE MAYS Signed Jersey FRAMED GIANTS FANS DELUXE Item number: (190095362756) I`ve just been contacted by the eBay staff who informed me that due to some reasons the eBay policy automatically proclaims you to be the winner by default. I need your agreement on this so I can contact eBay to confirm you that you're the winner, otherwise I'll relist the item. I am sorry for the inconvenience, but I need an answer asap. You will have the oportunity to purchase the item at your last given price wich is US $107.50 .If you agree my offer please respond this email or contact me at . Thank you!

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Florida Gators Team Signed Helmet?

Team signed helmets are very hard to come by and for promoters they usually aren't very profitable because after you pay for all the individual signatures your cost in item is so great that it is hard to make a profit. In this auction, the seller is claiming that he got all of the autographs himself -- which is possible.

In the auction, the seller says that he obtains all autographs in person at hotels, games, special events, and airports. there are a lot of people that do this so when someone claims they get autographs in this fashion, it could be true.

This is normally called getting an autograph through a "runner", which was very popular a few years ago but since all the athletes know that their autographs are worth money and that people sell things on eBay every day, most athletes have stopped signing in public.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Alex Rodriguez & Derek Jeter Signed Baseball

This is an interesting auction that closed for $151.59. It looks like the seller took the picture of the baseball from a helicopter. In the auction it states that all autographed items were either obtained at a private signing, shows, other dealers, or through the mail. It also says that all items come with a COA from North East Sports.

Of course, we can't tell if the signatures are real or not but it is amazing that someone would pay over $100 for a baseball that you can't even see the signatures.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Dwayne Wade Signed Basketball?

Dwayne Wade is a very hard autograph get. One of the only places that we know you can get an autograph from is Upper Deck -- so if you are bidding on a Dwayne Wade autographed basketball that doesn't come with pretty convincing authentication, I would be leery.
Here is the Dwayne Wade autographed basketball in question:

And here is an Upper Deck Dwayne Wade signed basketball:

You make the call!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Chicago Bears Team Signed Football?

Well they lost the Super Bowl, but you will still see thousands of questionable Bears and Colts merchandise hit the market in the next few weeks. As we have mentioned before, team signed items are very hard to come by, especially when you are dealing with a team in the Super Bowl. This auction noted that the ball was signed by Lovie Smith and a lot of the Super Bowl team. It said the signatures were obtained in person.

Of course, we can't tell if the signatures are real or not -- we can just say that this would be an extremely difficult ball to get a hold of. This was sent to us by one of our readers, look at the picture and you make the call.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Albert Pujols Signed Baseball?

We are not Albert Pujols experts, but we are pretty sure he rarely, if ever, signs baseballs in gold. Check out the COA in this auction, it looks pretty impressive -- with matching holograms. They also use the MLB logo and a few other trademarks on the COA.
This ball is supposed to be from a limited edition of only 5 signed.

We can't tell if this signature is real or not, but just a note -- anyone can get matching holograms these days. Holograms cost around 19 cents a set and can be serial numbered to say whatever you want. Remember, holograms are only valuable when they come from a reputable company. The auction doesn't mention who issued the holograms.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

1954 Yankees Team Signed Baseball

One of our readers submitted this auction on eBay. It is for a 1954 team signed Yankees baseball with the following signatures.

Mickey Mantle, Joe DiMaggio, Vic Raschi, Bobby Richardson, Mel Allen, Bill Dickey, Don Larsen, Elston Howard, Casey Stengel, Hank Bauer, Billy Martin, Ed Lopat, Bobby Brown, Johnny Kucks, Yogi Berra, Irv Noren, Bob Cerv, Phil Rizzuto, Bill Hunter, Gene Woodling, Ralph Houk, Enos Slaughter, Charlie Silvera, Lou Berberet, Andy Carey

The ball is authenticated by Cooperstown Sports Collectibles and it went for $405 on eBay? The eBay seller was niemiojas.

Does anyone know who the authenticator is? We encourage ALL people to comment on this including the seller!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

David Wright Signed Baseball?

Seems like there are a lot of David Wright baseballs on the market these days. This is a team signed Mets baseball including Wright and what was odd is that there is virtually no description of the item, where it was signed, who it is authenticated by, etc.

We obviously can't tell if this autograph is fake. It is questionable when someone has a team signed baseball but doesn't give any supporting info on how it was obtained. Especially since team signed baseballs are very hard to come by.

To all of our loyal readers, thank you for posting on this blog! Without you there wouldn't be a place to voice opinions regarding questionable autographs. I would like to point out that comments posted on this blog are the opinions of our readers and no one is paid by ALLAuthentic to write on this blog. Readers that post on this blog have a lot of passion for this hobby and spend a lot of personal time researching things.

Having said that, there are no experts on this blog, our readers opinions are just that -- opinions.

Fake autographs are a huge problem today, it is worse now than it was before Operation Bullpen. I have the utmost respect for the collectors on this blog who sacrifice their personal time to try to help others. Countless readers have found this blog through search engines and they have saved a lot of money by learning for themselves how to find real autographs.

This is an open forum. If you feel your company has been wronged on this blog, feel free to comment on the post. If there is any ever false information posted we will take it down.

Also, it is fine to post anonymously, however, if you are going to make accusations or derogatory comments towards others, then you should be man (or woman) enough to post with your real name AND email. Or if you are going to make claims of any sort, don't even waste your time if you are going to post anonymously and withhold information to support your claims.

Finally, it is very hard to tell if someone is actually selling a fake item, so lets please stay away from any definitive conclusions about any particular item. If you have hard facts, then please state them. We just want to keep this fair to everyone as we have no intention of "taking anyone down" or causing anyone harm.

This is an educational outlet where people can learn what to look for when purchasing autographs. This is EXTREMELY valuable information that can save you a lot of money -- especially if you are looking at starting a sports memorabilia collection.
Anyway, thanks again to all of our readers -- you are the ones who are making a difference in the sports memorabilia industry, thanks for reading and posting!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Peyton Manning Signed Mini Helmet?

This Peyton Manning signed mini helmet was actually removed by eBay. If you look at the signature it kind of resembles the old Operation Bullpen Manning signatures. Apparently a Quick Opinion was rendered Likely Not Genuine and eBay pulled the auction.

Peyton Manning is a very expensive signature as everyone wants his autograph. Usually the more in demand the player is the more fakes you see on the market. However, we don't have enough info on this one to make a call either way.

You be the judge.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Reggie Bush Signed Football?

This Reggie Bush autograph looks very questionable. We have purchased items from Reggie Bush signings in the past and they all come with the Reggie Bush Authentic Hologram. The signature just doesn't look right. However, you need to give the seller credit because in the auction they encourage bidders to get a PSA-DNA Quick Opinion. Here is the auction.

One of our readers actually paid for the Quick Opinion and it came out "Likely Not Genuine".
In all fairness, PSA-DNA Quick Opinions are not always accurate, they are just one person's opinion of a scan they are looking at over the Internet. Here is a picture of the football being sold:

Here is an authentic Reggie Bush signature that comes with Reggie's own hologram:

You make the call!

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Derek Jeter Signed Bat?

In this auction it appears that this is a private seller offering things they bought from someone else. Of course nothing is wrong with this -- unless the seller they bought the items from are phony. It appears that this eBay seller is straight up about who they got them from which you normally don't see. You can see the auction here.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Mantle, Williams, DiMaggio, Mays Likely Not Genuine

According to PSA-DNA certain items in this collection are "Likely Not Genuine". The seller is offering other items that were authenticated by PSA-DNA. See the auction here.

DISCLAIMER: Opinions of our readers do not neccesarily reflect the opinions of ALLAuthentic Corporation. If you would like to post on this blog, please stick to the facts. Deragatory comments about any company or indiviual are not permitted.

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